About Us

Many people are asking, "Why should I grow food in the forest?" and "What kinds of food can I grow where I live?"

Well, we are working together here to answer those questions.

Inside, you will find:

  • A growing encyclopedia of things that we have learned about growing food in the forest.
  • A database of popular forest gardening plants, to help you find plants that grow well, where you live.
  • A database of educational websites, books and other resources that we have discovered.
  • A directory of Forest gardens around the world where they list the plants that they are growing.
    • Read Blogs from each Forest gardening site.
    • Study gardening journal entries about a particular plant from the people who are actually growing the plant in a forest ecosystem.
  • Discussion forums to ask questions and share what we are learning about forest gardening. 

This site is maintained by an old guy who is actually trying to grow some food in the forest, so your contributions of wisdom are appreciated.